Conscious Connection International
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Conscious Connection International is a Singapore-based community of people interested in Conscious Connected Breathing, and is part of a worldwide movement promoting synchronised breathing events on the last Tuesday of every month.


Faizah Jamal is a pioneer in the field of Breathwork in Singapore, having been a Certified Breathwork Facilitator since 2003, and is still one of a handful of Singaporean Breathwork Facilitators today.

Formerly a corporate lawyer, Faizah has found a second, more fulfilling career as a Breathwork Facilitator and Holistic Consultant, and has successfully pioneered introducing Breathwork to the corporate world to such diverse organisations as BASF, Caterpillar, Club Med, Chevron, the Singapore International Foundation, the Singapore Tourism Board and the Republic of Singapore Navy, among others.

She has also volunteered her work to charitable organisations such as ex-drug addicts, kidney and cancer patients and their families, as well as caregivers of autistic children. She has also been regularly featured over TV, Radio and the print media about using Breathwork as a mindful way of living.

Since 2008, Faizah also pioneered the Environment Education module for tertiary education students, where she incorporates her expertise as a nature and environment advocate and the spiritual wisdom she has learnt from working with the Orang Asli, indigenous peoples of the Malaysian rainforests, to encourage young people to lead a life of conscious consumption.

Faizah also offers retreats in the rainforests, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, where Nature itself is her classroom, as she weaves in her expertise as an environment educator, with the mindful and healing techniques of Breathwork, to facilitate and support individuals and groups towards a life of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and wholeness.

From 2012 to 2014, Faizah also served as a Nominated Member of Parliament, and is known for assertively speaking up for environmentalism to be incorporated into not just development policies, but also into education, health and nation-building, advocating strongly for a ‘life beyond GDP’.